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How to market your employee benefits package

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by Mariel Rubinstein

You think your employee benefits package sounds pretty good. But if you’re not wrapping it up with a big red bow, who’s going to want it?

There’s no point having some great employee benefits if no one's bothered about them.

Here's the best way to stand out...

1. Don’t just tell them, show them

employee benefits guide

Why would prospective employees want to read about your benefits when they could watch them?

Last year, 61% of businesses used video as a marketing tool and 66% of those companies weren’t using it the year before. 

Clearly, video is the way to go.

It’s more engaging and it has the power to connect emotionally with the viewer in a way that writing can’t.

Start using video to show the perks you offer. It's a great way to attract potential future staff.


2. Get ahead of the curve

employee benefits guide

An office dog and a ping-pong table may be pretty cool but nowadays everyone’s got one.

Think about what can make your benefits package different from the rest of the bunch.

Try offering perks that affect your employee's whole lives instead of just their 9-5. By all means, keep giving out that free fruit but it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.


3. Personalisation is where it’s at

employee benefits guide

Tailoring your benefits to the individual shows you actually care about your employees. Ultimately, this is something they want it in every aspect of an employer.

Obviously, you can’t just give your employees free reign of the benefits they want (that could definitely get out of hand!), but you can give some choice.

This way you’re empowering your employees and giving them the control.


4. Make it a thing

employee benefits guide

Turning your benefits package into an actual tangible ‘thing’ is one way to stand out to prospective employees. Although, the digital world continues to get bigger everyday, people still like to have and receive physical things.

Reflect this in your benefits package. Delivering your employee perks and relevant information in an actual parcel could be pretty cool.

Just make sure the actual benefits don’t neglect technology altogether - keep that forward thinking going.


Posted: 16/08/2017

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