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What’s the fuss about flexible working?

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by Mariel Rubinstein

It’s time to get flexible, and no… we’re not talking yoga.

Did you know, 82% of UK workers would choose a job that offered flexible working options over one that didn’t.

Clearly, your employees want it, but how do you go about making your company a bit more bendy? 

1. Working hours

Flexible employee hours

People dread the typical 9 to 5 for a reason.

Consider offering ‘flexitime’ and let your employees choose the time they start and finish (as long as they still hit their contracted hours of course).

Even working from 10 till 6 can make a big difference in your employee's energy levels. In fact, in one study, 83% of employees showed increased productivity after adopting the flexible hours.

And if you’re looking to hire new graduates, it's the way to go when attracting those late risers.

2. Location

flexible employee hours

It's time to start sprucing up your working locations. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, sitting in the same seat in the same office staring at the same screen isn’t natural… or particularly fun. 

Encourage your employees to have their meetings outside or in the local coffee shop. 

Or, start giving the option to let your employees work from home a couple of days a week.

One study revealed 67% of employees felt their productivity levels had actually increased while working from home and 27% said it increased their happiness and job satisfaction

Now you can’t argue with that. 

Employee benefits like Flexi-hours can be even more important to your employees than a big pay cheque, learn why here. 


Posted: 14/09/2017

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