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4 reasons why you need flexi-hours

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by Mariel Rubinstein

By now, you’ve probably heard all about flexible working hours.

And sure, they sound good for your sleepy employees, but what difference will it make to your company?


1. Increased employee morale and productivity

flexitime employee benefit

Flexi-hours lets your employees spend better quality time away from the office to do what they really want.

This way, they’ll feel refreshed and happier when they come to work, boosting morale and productivity. They're more likely to be engaged and focus on producing good work and not just watching the clock.

2. Reduced sick days

flexitime employee benefits

Did you know, the UK loses a huge 200,000 working days each year due to sleep deprivation. And not getting enough kip can make you more vulnerable to all kinds of illness’ and stress. So of course, this results in more days off.

Flexi-hours can help balance out your employee's lack of sleep and get them back in both tip-top shape and the office.

3. Develops an attractive image to prospective staff

flexitime employee benefit

You’re looking for a new job, do you pick the one that starts at 9 am sharp every day or the one you can turn up for when you’re feeling ready and raring to go?

There’s no competition.

Not only will flexi-hours appeal to the night owls amongst us, but the flexibility will go a long way with people with families. This way, they can finish early and make it back in time for the school run. 

4. Reduced turnover of staff

flexitime employee benefit

Flexitime is a perk that can help your employees mould their job around the rest of their lives. This can help with a much happier work-life balance.

And if they’re happy, they’re less likely to leave.

It’s that simple.


Posted: 20/09/2017

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